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Activities Conducted by the CDP :

The activities conducted by the Upokulio Unnayan Shahojogy (Coastal Development Partnership - CDP) include :-

1.Identification of Environmental, social, economic, governance and/or Human Rights related social and other issues;

2.Development of a Resource Centre consisting of Books and other resource materials in respect of the region, environment, and socio-economic development that can benefit development workers, students, and researchers, as well as arrangements to collect newspaper clippings from daily newspapers and compile them into issue-based files.

3.Develop Coalition(s) or Network(s) of NGOs working in the region to work towards a common goal;

4.Capacity building of NGOs by providing necessary training for their personnel;

 5.Supply of information to the mass media as an Advocacy Tool;

6.Assist the NGOs in mobilizing people at Grassroots level;

7.Play the role of a Secretariat for any coalition or Network to be formed;

8.Publish books, booklets, bulletins, newsletters, leaflets and posters as well as issue-based articles in newspapers and periodicals as Advocacy Tools;

 9.Conduct Advocacy in respect of identified issues at local, national and if necessary international levels;

 10.Forming a Forum for promoting Sustainable Agriculture.

11.Identification of Local Resources.

12.Form Coordinated Citizens' Forum on various issues.

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